Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Laundry Helper!!

I have a two year old little boy that I have nicknamed "Tasmanian Devil"! Now some of you out there with 2 year old boys (and girls) are probably in full understanding of this stage! My little one will find the quickest way to destroy something-and should have been hurt multiple times!! Yesterday I spent the day doing laundry. He came downstairs with me, but stayed over on the side of the basement with all of the toys--no biggie--we have a ton, and he's not afraid to stay in the basement on his own. So I went back upstairs to accomplish another task, and he didn't follow. I racked my brain trying to think of anything he could destroy downstairs and decided that really--anything he did--I could fix. It would be more work for me later--but really, what could he hurt!!!


I could smell the problem from the third step down! There was a very strong--nauseating scent of... Bleach!! OH CRAP!!! Now I keep the bleach up behind the washer for instances just like this! So I begin my run--but I can't find anything sopping wet and turning white--but I can see the empty jug of bleach. So my eyes turn to the washer--he loves to help me out by putting things in the washer--and sure enough--an entire gallon of bleach is sitting in my nearly full washing machine!! Luckily for me---there was only socks and underwear in the washer. I'm sure it isn't a lot of fun to wear blue underpants with pinkish orange spots on them--but hey, there isn't a soul that should be checkin' out your underpants--so deal!! Spotty socks--again--it could have been much worse! I have piles upon piles of clothes in laundry baskets on the floor--he could have ruined so much more!!

I swear--he's got an angel sittin' on his shoulder!! Cause his momma would have skunked him!!


Somu said...

Congratulations for becoming the blog of the day.

melissaclee said...

Yet, he looks so innocent!

taureandevi said...

I can feel how your heart was pounding not seeing any bleach on the floor. He definitely has an angel on his shoulder.

I have three young boys ages 5, 3 and 23 months and I agree they are programmed to seek and destroy.
P.S. I found you at TopMama

Wishing you health, balance and joy

Danielle a.k.a. taureandevi.blogspot.com

Shannon said...

he's adorable...
I have a daughter too, only 9 months though... :D