Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cleaning Out My Tivo!!

We are heading to the in-laws tonight--which is ok, but I was hoping to be able to sit and clean out my Tivo while folding all of the laundry that I have clean and ready to fold! So I will either have to do it late--or I will have to do it tomorrow!

I have all of last weeks shows to catch up on--Gilmore Girls, House, Brothers and Sisters, Men in Trees, Crossing Jordan--plus, now we are starting to double up on some of those! If I don't get it taken care of soon--I'll be working through two of each--before a third is added!!

I love my shows--but really don't get the time to watch them. Not that that is a bad thing--I have so many more important things to do rather than just sitting and watching tv--but when I have the living room to clean -- or laundry to fold--I really like having something I enjoy to watch-rather than searching 600 channels of nothing!!