Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Evil Jake!!

We had kind of a rough night with Jake. He came home from school raring to get his homework done. Tonight was Grayson's last night of Basketball Camp--and since dad was going-he really wanted to go to. But somewhere between getting home from school and dad leaving for Basketball-he decided he would rather not get his homework done.

So he was left home with mom and the babies, at which point--Evil Jake made his appearance! So Not Fun!! I ended up taking away his basketball cards and dinner. Dad was bringing home Pizza--and I knew this would be a good punishment. He was allowed to have bread and milk-or make a sandwich-but there would be no pizza.

I stood up for myself, and the punishment stood. He was not happy--and many tears later, after a chat with mom, he felt much better. He has to learn to face the consequences--I've sheltered him from them for far too long--so it's hard to stand firm--but so rewarding in the end!

By the time he went to bed--he still loved me--even though he didn't get any pizza!!