Monday, March 12, 2007

Every Mothers Worst Nightmare!!

I am getting really scared for my 2 year old son. That probably sounds strange because he is so smart, and very healthy--but he is constantly getting himself out of buildings and into the street. Last week I took him in with me to drop Blakelynn off at school. We all walked into her class room together, Barrett ran to the back of the room to play with the blocks and I walked to the front of the room to hang up her coat. When I turned back around just seconds later--he wasn't in the room. So I walked out and called his name. Normally he comes or at least answers me--but he didn't, so I started to frantically search the building. The little gym was dark--not in there. Not in the ladies locker room. I called to some men in the mens locker room--not in there either. The big gym is black too--so I figure I've just overlooked him in the classroom. Pop my head back in for a quick scan--and he's really not in there. The only place left--outside!! As I start to run toward the door--an elderly bus driver gentleman is walking into the building holding my son. He sees me and begins yelling at me that he was out in the middle of the street. I thanked him for finding him and bringing him in--I had been searching the building for him. This old Italian man just keeps yelling at me--as though I've been in for tea and gossip while my child has been running in the street.

Next event. We are at Scouts. Grayson excuses himself to use the restroom and Barrett goes with him. I told Grayson that he was to keep him with him at all times--or that Barrett needed to stay with me. He takes him, and returns to the table a few minutes later without Barrett. So the search begins again. We are at the church--there is a huge number of rooms (each with piano's to tempt him) as well as bathrooms and such. So I start calling his name, and I get no response--so what do I do--I head for the parking lot. I get as far as the foyer before I find a man and his wife carrying Barrett into the building. He's been out in the middle of the parking lot!

Today-we get home from school-and I'm holding his hand all the way in the door of house. I let him go-to take a phone call from my husband. We chat--the kids are in the kitchen eating an after school snack--so I call my mom. Shortly into the conversation--my doorbell rings. Yep--my son is in the middle of the street. My only question--how did he get out?? The doors have chain locks on them way too high for him to unlock--but sure enough--there he is!! I scooped him up and just started to cry. He's going to end up getting himself very very hurt--and aside from a kiddie leash on his hand and mine-24/7--I have no idea how to keep him safe!!