Saturday, March 03, 2007


It is nearly 2 in the morning and I am wired! I actually tried going to bed at a decent hour--well--11'ish, but I couldn't wind down. I'm wide awake--and tomorrow is not going to be a very fun day! I will be far to tired to get much accomplished--and there was so much I wanted to do!

Jake does have Basketball Camp followed by a basketball game--so that cuts out most of the early afternoon--but I had wanted to spend most of my day in the basement catching up the laundry! I'm so far behind--and since we have a four day weekend--I was hoping to get a good chuck of it finished before the kids headed back to school on Tuesday! If I can get most of it done--then I can re-start the laundry schedule which works so well for me--but got lost in the shuffle of being sick for 7 weeks, and a trip to Phoenix!

So tomorrow--my hope is to get all of the bedding, towels, levi's and t shirts laundered and put away!! You'd think that would pretty much handle it--but oh no--once all of those items are out--I will still have MOUNDS of laundry left!!