Sunday, March 04, 2007

Whoever Said There's No Such Thing As Monsters...

... has never been to my basement! I found a huge---scary one today--and it is literally threatening to take over my house!! It's a laundry monster and with 6 people, blankets, towels and sheets--you can imagine just how huge it is!

Barrett has the most-with 3 laundry baskets full. Grayson is in second place with a huge trash bag & half a laundry basket. Blakelynn has 2 full laundry baskets and Jake has an overflowing 1. Michael gets two laundry sites--one for his uniforms for work--and one for his "Civvies"!! I had 2 huge baskets--but since I was the only working to sort "the beast" mine got to go through the laundry first! Huge pile of bedding and huge pile of towels!!

The most amazing "group" in the laundry--I separate socks and underwear from everything else. I like to wash these in hot with some bleach. There are 2 laundry baskets and a black trash bag overflowing with socks and underwear!! AMAZING!!

I'm actually washing 1/2 the trashbag now--my hope is to get all of the socks and underwear done before I have to go to my in-laws for a birthday dinner for my Father In Law. We go there at 2 and will spend most of the day. So I'm taking my project with me, and I will sit at my in laws house and sort socks!

Tomorrow the kids are off of school--so at least the "human coverings" portion of the beast will be exorcised from the pile! I can work on bedding and towels after the kids go back on Tuesday. But yes--my timer will be set for 1 hour all day tomorrow--that should cover at least 13 or 14 loads of laundry--not including the two from yesterday, and the 5 or 6 I plan on getting done today!

The Monster Is Real--and He's VERY Scary!!!


Karen said...

Have fun doing laundry!