Friday, March 02, 2007

Miss Linda!!

My kids are out of school today for an Institute Day. This week finished up parent teacher conferences--and so they get today off. Monday is Casimir Pulaski Day here in the area--I'd never heard of it before we moved here--so my kids are off on Monday as well.

Blakelynn still had her playschool class with Miss Linda and Miss Samantha. So I asked both of my older boys if they would like to come with me to drop her off. They both had Miss Linda and Miss Samantha as their playschool teachers. Jake 4 years ago, and Grayson 2.

It was fun to see both teachers recognize and hug my boys. It seems like they've both grown up so much since they were in their classes. But both teachers remembered not only their names--but things about them. For example, Barrett was born when Grayson was in Miss Linda's class. Both teachers loved how Grayson said his name--Grayson doesn't quite have his "R's" all the time so it comes out Behwitt. Miss Linda remembered that, and asked Grayson what his little brothers name was. I thought it was sweet that they still remembered some unique things about the boys--they were both great teachers!!