Saturday, March 31, 2007

Report Cards--3rd Quarter!!

Today was Report Card day! A day that rivals any holiday--including birthday's and Christmas. You see--we pay for good grades! I'm not ashamed to say it--I have no problem with it--and honestly--you get what you pay for!

We pay $1 per year per A and $.50 per year per B. If it's a plus--you get half of what the dollar amount is.

Grayson is in 1st Grade--so all of his A's are worth $1.00, $1.50 for A+, and $.75 for an A-. Today he brought home 3 A+'s and 1 he made a total of: $5.50 for his report card. He then pays 10% as tithing--10% to his mission fund--10% to his savings--leaving him a whopping $4.00 to add to his birthday money! Man that boy is rolling in it!

Jacob is in third grade--so his A's are worth $3.00! He came out with 2 A+'s, 1 A, and 1 B+. So he's taking me for: $14.25. After his tithing/mission/savings--he's escaping with $10.00.

Some people wouldn't think it's fair--Grayson came out with straight A's but is getting less than Jake--but it's because Jake has so much more homework to do to maintain the same grades that Grayson does.

We started the "paying" for report cards because I am a firm believer that their education is their career. When they are in High School--they are welcome to work summer jobs--but during the school year--you need to concentrate on your studies--and so I need to make up for their lack of income--since I'm the one not letting them have a job! Again--I have no problem with this--when they get to Jr. High the amount doubles--and when they are in High School, it triples! So you have to realize--by the time they get to be Seniors in High School--they will make $36.00 per A--and there will be 8 classes--that is a quarterly possiblility of over $300.00 by the time you throw in the addition of the "plus" and the citizenship grades! Basically, the thought behind it is--if you want to pay for your car insurance, and Prom--you better keep your grades up!!

The lowest grade ever brought home--was Jake's B+ this quarter! I'm very proud of my straight A kids!!


Mike said...

That's pretty cool. They have something to work for every quarter. Wish my parents did that! :p

I remember everyone used to say high school grades are important. Blah blah blah. I didn't listen and just did enough to get by, I had a B+ average after highschool.

Now I know what they meant. Highschool was so easy compared to college and the 'real world' working etc, that there should have been no reason not to get A's.

Hopefully your kids keep up the good work ethic, it'll definitely help them in the future.