Friday, July 06, 2007

My Canvas On Demand Portrait Came!!

I dropped the kids off at camp and when I came home my front door had been left open--Whoops!! As I was walking into the house a little miffed at my children-I noticed a box had been delivered and placed just inside the door. I have been excitedly awaiting this box for several days--and I was so giddy to see it. I ripped it open--and here is what I found!!

Now you have to understand--it's hanging on the wall (already) and with the black background it's really hard to avoid the glar from the flash--so this is my best shot--but I have to tell you ... IT'S PERFECT!!

You may remember when I posted originally about this on June 25, and it's here--and hanging on my wall already! Really--my picture of my picture just doesn't do it justice--maybe I'll take it outside for a show with natural lighting!!

My parents anniversary is coming up on the 15th of this month, and I'm thinking something like this--a work of art with their grandbabies on it, would be a perfect anniversary gift!

This beautiful portrait turned out so perfectly, that I think I will find some of my favorites and have them done for my new house--what better way to decorate!! My sister has always loved my portrait of my kids dressed up in their dad's chef jackets with Blake in the pot--so she had that one made for her kitchen--I think I'm going to have to follow suit!!


Lynne said...

With children like your's, it wouldn't be anything but beautiful! What is the size of the portrait?

Kai said...

That's gorgeous!

I just got mine this afternoon, and I absolutely love it! :-)