Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Quick Update!!

It's been nearly a week, and I'm feeling a little better after having put our puppy down. There are still some really bad moments here and there, but I think that is to be expected. Brownie is still not happy with me. I have actually gotten a few kisses from her over the past few days--but for the most part, she's still ignoring me.

We are not looking at new puppies right now--but I have decided (I don't know why) our next puppy will be named "Chutney". I guess I have this thing about naming dogs after food. Brownie, Beans, and Chutney. Mojo is still Grayson's favorite name--so we will have to see.

Our house passed it's inspection with flying colors, and according to the home inspector guy...we are getting one beautiful home. Yeah, I knew that! But it's nice to hear. There are a couple of issues with front pavers and back pavers--a couple are settling while the others aren't. The attorney is bringing it up to the sellers, but honestly if they don't do anything about it--I'll go lift the settling ones out and add a bit of dirt under them to level them off. The front set are in the flower garden, and I probably won't even be out in the flower garden until "bulb" season.

As for the flower garden, I have mapped out the arrangements I want. Using only those flowers that are indigenous to Illinois, and sprinkling the colors and months of bloom throughout, I can have flowers in bloom from early March through the end of October. Plus, since they indigenous to this area--they should require minimum amounts of labor from me! Yeah, I know--I sound like a pro! Soooo totally not--but with a semi-shaded yard, it will be easier for me to stand the heat of being outdoors more than usual.

I guess that is about it! I've started packing. We are still kind of far out, so I'm kind of in a quandary about what exactly to pack! We get home from Wisconsin right at our 30 day mark--and then my schedules, lists and calendars kick in! I can't wait!!