Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wojciech Nykaza

In my last post I talked about a wedding picture that nearly brought me to tears. This is it:

This is Helen Storc/Sztorc/Stortz and Wojciech Nykaza. His name is pronounced Voe-Check. They are both from Poland, Helen from Kozia Wola and Wojciech from Lasik. I had never heard of either one of these people until nearly 3 years ago. I had begun a search for a missing family child. No one knew anything about this child, and I was determined to find him. To my amazement, I did find him, and when I got to talking to the cemetery manager he pulled up the record and said that he was buried in the same plot as another child name Kopiech. So there began my search, and Kopiech the child turned into Wojciech the man--but not just any man--my children's Great-Great Grandfather--who nobody knew because he died when his children were really young.

So three years--3500 family tree names--and countless hours in the dark looking at microfilmed records in Latin from Polish parishes--I finally get to see what this man looks like--and he truly looks like my oldest and my youngest--and I find that tremendously fabulous!!


Anonymous said...

I do see some of Jakey and Barrett there. My kids are cuter than he is handsom though. LM

Leigh said...

That is one of the most fascinating stories I've ever read! I can just imagine the feeling of amazement and relief and accomplishment and closure it must have brought you. It's just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :)