Monday, September 24, 2007

The Last Hurrah!!

We spent the day yesterday at my in laws house. It was a very warm day, and they had heated the pool. The kids were able to swim one last time before they close it up for the winter. It was kind of sad, it doesn't seem like it's been open all that long, and yet-the summer is over. Mind you, it was a crazy summer--but it's over just the same.

Their neighbor brought two different pies over for dessert. They are in the middle of Ramadan and couldn't finish the pies. Too bad for them--they were YUMMY!! Another neighbor, the one we bought our living room set from, was throwing out a perfectly good little boys bike. So we grabbed it for Grayson. He is "UBER" thrilled! We'll pick it up today, and stop by Kmart for new tires--it should be up and running later on.