Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Pants!!

Last night we went to Target because Jake needed new pants. Not surprising...Jake always needs new pants! He will be ten the day after Thanksgiving--and we had to buy him a 16H to get it to fit him. The length is out of control - LONG!! People would consider him over weight, and for now they would be right. The problem however, Jake is needing to start a growth spurt. He always grows "round" before he grows "up". As soon as that starts, he will get taller, and thinner.

At Open House night for the school, he stood next to Grayson's teachers 5th grade daughter, and she towered over 6 inches taller than him! That was amazing to see how much he may grow in the next few months! Then the 16's will be out of control HUGE--and he'll be back down in his regular 10's! I just wish it would start quickly--I'm starting to worry!!


Deezer said...

My son went through that "fill up, then out" phase. They do fine as long as they eat healthy foods and decent portions. My son would almost turn into a round ball, but then come spring, he'd grow like a weed. I wonder if its a guy thing?

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