Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update On The Candy!!

I mentioned last week that my son was actually excited about going door to door selling candy. He came home with his box of 50, and after a weekend with friends and family--he has 4 more to sell! That's $25 he made for his trip and he only needs $55. I was just going to pay the original $55, but decided to have some candy for my money. I will end up paying for all of the chocolate that has been passed around this family of 6--but it will be just a smidgen of the original $55! That is amazing to me--not only does he enjoy selling--he's pretty darn good at it. It just sends bubbles of nausea through my body when I think about me having to go door to door--Good For Him!!


Lynne said...

Sometimes it is easier to do the buyout, but if it's anything chocolate it's almost easier to sell it! My daughter always sold M&M's for softball and they were sold in a flash.