Thursday, November 22, 2007

10 Years Ago Today!!

Wow, it's November 21st, 2007! Time has flown! 10years ago, my in laws came to town to be near for the birth of our first child. He had decided to cook a little longer, and was 7 days past the date the doctor had given as his due date. I had told the in laws that he should be a week after that-around the 20th-so they came a little later.

After they got to town, we spent time shopping for "1st Grandbaby in 9 Years" stuff. It was fun. As a treat, they had gotten us all tickets to the theater on the 21st. We had dinner at Michael's restaurant "JW's" and then walked up the street to the theater. We were going to be seeing "The King and I" with Hailey Mills.

We were sitting in our seats and watched as 2 of the most famous Utah Jazz players walked in with their families. The production was wonderful. When it was over, we walked back to the restaurant and had dessert.

My in laws joked around that due to all of the walking--I would have Jake on the 22nd, but just in case I didn't we were going to go up to Park City and shop the Outlets. To Be Continued!!!