Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Wednesday!!

I'm actually feeling better--not great or perfect! But definitely better! I was planning a trip to Insta-care today (yes, I've been planning it for about a week now)--but feeling so much better--and a possible snow storm, I'm thinking I'm sticking around the house today! I have laundry to do--and I do at some point need to get out and pick up the fixing for the Pumpkin Cake and mashed potatoes that I'm bringing to dinner tomorrow.

I was in such a great "Christmas" mood a few days ago, but it has come to a complete stop! There isn't ONE Nativity set out! Surprising I know...I own over 10 of them--but here they sit boxed up from the move--and I'm struggling to get into the festive mood again! Bummer!