Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Gift For Eva!!

Have you ever met someone and seemed to have hit it off right on the spot? Well, for my husband and I (Aunt Peggy too) we met Andrew "BenSpark" Bennett. I had known him online for awhile--ran into him over and over during one of the early "Puzzle" challenges. But what a super nice guy! We talked to him for awhile at the Tao party--until we were all called over to the stage to kick off the party--we abandoned our watch over Drew's water bottle--and it was immediately picked up by the waitstaff--whoops!

Anyway--Sunday evening we headed to the airport for our midnight flight and as we headed back to eat- there was a familiar face over at the "Recharge" desk. I said (rather loudly) "Hey, that looks like Andrew Bennett of the!" I said it that way so that if it wasn't him--the guy wouldn't necessarily know I was talking to him--but of course, it was him--and we got a final "goodbye" in.

We passed the gift shop and they had this darling little pink puppy in the window--so we ducked in to get it for Drew's new baby Eva. As we headed back to give it to him, he was gone. So it became a gift for Blake instead.

The cool thing about this little puppy, it lets you name a star. So we headed over this afternoon and named our puppy and our star. Since we couldn't give Eva the puppy--we decided we would give her a Star.

We named the puppy-- Princess Blake-- we named the star-- EvaGrace-- and we chose the Andromeda constellation. The Andromeda constellation was chosen for a couple of reasons-- first, it's the Princess constellation-- and with Blake and Eva-- I think it's only fitting. Secondly--Andromeda is a very "comic book" sounding name--I guess from the whole Star Trek thing--but I was going for more of a "Cybertron" theme--and if that didn't just click with you--then you don't know the BenSpark!!

So is the location of your little girls star...

Andromeda 2H 32M 38.42s 40 12'52.75"

You can click on the charts to make them bigger!

It was really fun--I may have to find these little stuffed animals for my kids too!


loretta said...

That is really cool!! Okay I want to name a star darnit.... must go get toy with star naming attached.

Elizabeth said...

Robyn, what a really sweet thing to do! I love having Drew's Photo-A-Day on my blog so I can look at Eva's adorable little face every time I log in :)

Drew said...

Wow, that was really sweet of you guys. I totally appreciate it and I will certainly tell little Eva all about it so we can look to the skies and see it. Very very cool. You guys were so very nice too and I was very happy to talk to you and Mike and Peggy at PostieCon. Next year you'll get to meet Mrs. BenSpark.