Saturday, December 15, 2007

Meet Wasatch!!

I know, big name for a little guy-but it's all Utah to me without naming the puppy Utah. The mountains in Utah are the Wasatch mountains--or the Wasatch Front--everything you heard on the evening news had Wasatch in it--so there you have the reason for the name. Although I always said if I had a black dog his name would be Mojo--and well, maybe next time!

Wasatch is really excited about Brownie. Brownie--not so much! They were both very cute last night chasing each other in circles and exploring -- until Dad got home. Brownie is very possessive of her bed and her dad--and Wasatch was not welcomed to enjoy either. Normally Brownie is a bit skittish anyway, but throw a new puppy in the mix, and shes just downright freaky! Hopefully in the coming days the newness will wear off and they can just chill.


Lynne said...

Welcome Wasatch! I love the name, very unique! She looks very excited to be in her new home. :-D

Elizabeth (Table for Five) said...

She's a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a poodle? Cute!