Saturday, December 15, 2007

Monday Night Football!!

What a crazy week! I have to tell you! Between worrying about the weather, getting Jake to his Orchestra concert, holiday shopping, holiday enjoying--and trying to figure out what was wrong with all of our electronic equipment (needed an HDMI splitters, who knew)life has just been crazy!

We had to make sure everything was perfect because my husband has the night off on Monday and has several of his "buddies" coming over to watch the Bears on Monday Night Football. This holds no interest for me, other than the fact that I have to keep four kids and a new puppy out of their hair for what, 3 hours? Yes, I am the lucky one!

I may just move my computer up to my room, barricade us all in the room and turn on a movie! I don't know if that will work for 3 hours--but I should be able to get some good time out of them all!