Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Princess Party!!

At long last, the photo's from the Princess' Ice Cream Ball that was held here last Monday Evening. I had to wait until I could borrow my mother in law's photo card, because I was too busy to get any pictures taken!

These are 4 of the 6 girls invited. One didn't make it, and one was getting changed upstairs. But these four are the cousins. Blake, Brooke, Rebekah and Sophia.

After the girls decorated their own mini pizzas we headed into the living room for the dice game. You had to roll a 5 in order to pick out something fun from the table. A HUGE thanks to Lynne for the perfect idea of rolling for 'girlie' items instead of candy bars. It was a big hit!

From the dice game we headed into the dining room to decorate the crowns. I was so impressed at how creative each little girl was. The oldest actually walked out with a really well designed crown.

From there it was dinner. Pizza bread, garlic bread and Jello-salad. Not a huge hit--but am I the only one that thinks the actual eating time is the most boring part for the kids? They would all rather be doing something so much more fun!
After dinner we moved into the family room (I sooooo love having all of these different rooms to utilize! In the old house--it was like the living room and room! I will explain more at the bottom of the post what took place in the family room! Then it was present time. Blake got some darling princess jammies, a cute princess purse and slippers, a princess boom box and princess story books. Lucky lady!

Then the scavenger hunt began. They had to run from one place in the house to another. Upstairs and down finding the location of the next clue. There were 20 or so in all, and the final clue led to the kitchen table that was all set up with the cake and the Ice Cream Balls. They had so much fun choosing whatever they wanted on their ice cream, but again...I think they had more fun creating their dessert than they did eating it!

The final picture of the evening-- a picture with all of the girls in their dresses and crowns. So cute.

This is what went on in the family room. It was so much fun, and I'm so glad I did it. There is a box wrapped literally 20 times in different wrapping paper. There is music and as the music plays the kids pass the box. When the music stops whomever is holding the package gets to remove 1 layer of wrapping paper. Then the music starts up again and the whole thing repeats. What made this so fun is that two of the little girls are very shy and during the music parts if they weren't passing the box, all of them got into a paper fight. There was wrapping paper flying everywhere. Little girls squealing and giggling. Of course, Grayson wanted to be a part of this game as well, so we did have one little boy in the mix. In the end, Blake was the one holding the stripped box when the music ended and she opened the box to discover the goodie bags to pass out to her friends. It was just a really good ice breaker--I think next party, we'll do that one first!


Lynne said...

That sounds like an awesome party that any little girl would've loved to have been a part of. I notice that they are always smiling, in every single picture.

Elizabeth (Table for Five) said...

Would you please come to my house when my daughter is that age and organize a princess party? Because you thought of everything! Great photos, too, they all look so happy!